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Program Overview


This conference will focus on innovative wastewater treatment technologies that ultimately enable the emerging paradigm shift from wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) to water resource recovery facilities (WRRF) and alignment with the "the three factories" vision. Accordingly, the conference will be structured to accentuate the following three major themes:

  • The Water Factory, with emphasis on water treatment, reclamation and reuse;
  • The Energy Factory, with emphasis on energy recovery and the net-zero energy goal;
  • The Value Products Factory, with emphasis on resource recovery and value product creation.

Focus will be placed on scientific contributions where good modeling practices and robust experimentation are presented, with the goal of overcoming barriers for technology adoption at full scale. Case studies of successful commercialization will be shared together with best practices and lessons learned. Limitations and new development needs associated with these technologies will also be discussed. Examples of topics discussed in the conference include:

  • Emerging technologies for wastewater treatment and reuse (e.g., microsieving, granular sludge and short-cut nutrient removal;
  • Emerging opportunities for resource recovery (e.g., nutrients, valuable organic compounds such as proteins, cellulose and bioplastics, and metals and other value products);
  • Strategies for energy optimization, carbon diversion and biogas production;
  • Integrated plant-wide assessment, including advanced modeling, optimization and control;
  • Microbial ecology and ecotoxicology;
  • GHG quantification and management;
  • Economic impacts (capital costs, operational costs and economic efficiency).

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